Dance Like No One Is Watching

Capital of Dance’s “Leave No Trace Statement” is focused on an urban seaside town centre environment for the festival in Blackpool:

Tread Lightly at Capital of Dance

The Capital of Dance festival is in the heart of Blackpool’s vibrant town centre. To minimise our impact and keep this urban area clean, we ask all attendees to follow these eco-friendly practices:

Use Public Transportation

  • To reduce emissions and congestion, take Blackpool’s award-winning unique tram and bus public transport systems or walk or bike to the festival venues whenever possible.
  • If driving, carpool and use designated festival parking areas.

The ‘Dance Trains’ were special rail services that operated from the 1930s to the early 1960s, bringing visitors from across the north of England to Blackpool to experience the town’s lively dance halls and ballrooms. Consider using the train to visit the resort for the Capital of Dance festival

The Blackpool Tramway, dating back to 1885, is one of the oldest electric tramways in the world and an integral part of the town’s transportation network. Operating along an 18km route from Blackpool to Fleetwood, the historic system has undergone significant upgrades in recent years, including new modern trams, accessible stops, and a £26 million extension linking to Blackpool North Station.

This latest integration has further enhanced the tramway’s connectivity and convenience for the 4.9 million passengers it carried in 2022/23. Seamlessly blending heritage with modern amenities, Blackpool’s beloved iconic tramway facilitates efficient travel along the Fylde Coast while serving as a cherished symbol of the seaside resort’s enduring legacy.

Keep Blackpool Litter-Free

  • Please pack out all trash and recycle. Don’t litter in the streets, promenades, or our unique venues.
  • You can use the proper waste and recycling receptacles throughout the festival area and venues.

Blackpool is well-equipped to handle waste from visitors and events. Over 1,000 litter receptacles are strategically placed throughout the area, with 250 high-capacity bins lining the famous Promenade. The local authorities have robust sanitation practices—these bins are emptied daily under normal circumstances. However, during nice weather and increased tourism, collection frequency is ramped up to ensure sufficient waste disposal capacity.

Blackpool aims to be a clean and tidy destination. Prominent signage encourages all visitors to properly discard their trash in the nearest available bin during their stay. For convenience, guests are also welcome to take their waste back home with them upon departure. With ample facilities and civic reminders, it’s easy for Capital of Dance festival-goers to be responsible and leave no litter behind.

Protect Urban Green Spaces

  • You can stay on marked pathways and avoid walking in grassy areas or gardens.
  • Don’t pick plants or flowers from public landscaping.

Respect Local Residents & Businesses

  • Keep noise levels down, especially later in the evenings, near residential areas.
  • Support local restaurants, shops, and businesses when possible.

Be Mindful of Resources

  • Conserve water by taking short showers at your accommodation.
  • Turn off lights and electronics when not in use to reduce energy consumption.

Leave No Trace

Blackpool boasts an impressive collection of historic buildings, with 42 currently listed for their architectural and cultural significance. The town’s iconic entertainment venues like the Grade I listed Blackpool Tower and the Grade II* Blackpool Winter Gardens are among Britain’s most important 19th century entertainment complexes.

As we celebrate dance and performance at the Capital of Dance festival, we ask all attendees to help preserve these cherished heritage sites:

  • Take only pictures and memories – leave cultural artefacts as you find them.
  • Respect all historic venues, and do not deface or vandalise the buildings. Avoid touching delicate architectural features.
  • When visiting heritage entertainment sites, remain on designated paths and viewing areas and do not stray into restricted areas.
  • If attending an event at a historic venue, follow all rules regarding food/drink, photography, etc. to protect the integrity of the space.
  • Support efforts to maintain and restore Blackpool’s heritage entertainment venues through donations or volunteering if possible.

Blackpool’s remarkable seaside architecture, especially its unparalleled entertainment complexes, has delighted visitors for over a century. By treading lightly and leaving no trace, we can preserve these iconic sites for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Protect Blackpool’s Coastal Environment

Blackpool’s beaches and marine areas are a beloved asset as an iconic seaside resort town. 

In a testament to the town’s commitment to coastal preservation, three of Blackpool’s most beloved beaches were recently honoured with the prestigious Seaside Awards by the national organisation Keep Britain Tidy. Blackpool South, Central, and Bispham beaches were lauded for their exceptional beach management practices, top-notch amenities, and excellent water quality standards.

Councillor Jane Hugo, Blackpool Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change, expressed her delight: “Our beaches are a year-round source of enjoyment for locals and visitors alike. This recognition is a well-deserved affirmation of the tireless efforts to maintain these cherished coastal gems.”

The awards celebrate the collective dedication of various stakeholders, including municipal teams, volunteers, residents, and businesses, who have worked relentlessly to preserve, protect, and enhance the region’s coastline. Their collaborative efforts have ensured that Blackpool’s beaches remain clean, safe, and welcoming for all to enjoy.

Allison Ogden-Newton OBE, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, commended the awardees, saying, “These accolades are a testament to the unwavering commitment of those who have dedicated themselves to safeguarding and improving some of our nation’s most cherished and popular beaches. We applaud their remarkable achievements.”

As part of the Turning Tides partnership, Blackpool is actively collaborating with various agencies across northwest England to implement comprehensive measures to improve bathing water quality. Through infrastructure upgrades, strategic planning, public awareness campaigns, volunteer initiatives, and educational outreach, the collective goal is to ensure that future generations can continue enjoying the region’s pristine beaches for years.

The North Sea and shoreline are delicate ecosystems. By treating these areas carefully and leaving no trace, we can maintain Blackpool’s reputation as a clean and beautiful coastal destination for all to enjoy responsibly.

Festival-goers and participants visiting the beach or coastal dance events should:

  • Use designated beach access paths and promenades to prevent dune or sand erosion.
  • Never litter and pack out all waste from the beach areas.
  • Avoid disturbing wildlife like birds, seals, or tide pool creatures.
  • When possible, participate in an organised beach or coastline cleanup.

By following these simple eco-practices, we can celebrate dance while minimising our footprint on Blackpool’s lively town centre and cherished seaside landscapes. Let’s keep the Capital of Dance festival clean and green!


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