Breaking Down Barriers

Blackpool Grand Theatre: Studio

This co-delivered workshop explores DanceSyndrome's inclusive approach, examining barriers faced by those with learning disabilities and strategies to break them down in dance studios. Tailored for dancers, artists, and teachers, it covers learning disability models, attitudinal/physical/communication barriers, and how DanceSyndrome removes obstacles through adapted communication, access, equity, and psychological safety.

Participants gain awareness of additional needs challenges, knowledge of their perspectives in non-inclusive settings, and an action plan with resources to promote inclusivity in their own practice. Through discussion, videos, and activities, this course equips dance professionals with tools to create a welcoming, barrier-free environment.

See our projects page Breaking Down Barriers

Event Details
Genre: Dance Workshop
Duration: 360 mins
Price: FREE

29 June 2024


Blackpool Grand Theatre: Studio

Full: FREE



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