Dance Syndrome: Beach Takeover

Comedy Carpet

Experience the joy of inclusive dance at Dance Syndrome's Beach Takeover! This 60-minute extravaganza features high-energy mass performances and breathtaking solo acts co-led by talented Dance Artists and inspirational Dance Leaders with learning disabilities. Witness the transformative power of dance as barriers dissolve and dreams take flight.

Founded by the trailblazing Jen Blackwell, who has Down's syndrome, Dance Syndrome shatters stereotypes, creating opportunities for all. Join this multi-award winning charity in celebrating diversity and inclusion through exceptional dance. Let the Beach Takeover sweep you into a world where disability is no obstacle to artistic expression and human connection. Don't miss this unforgettable event!

Event Details
Genre: Dance
Duration: 60 mins
Price: FREE

22 June 2024


Comedy Carpet

Full: FREE


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