House of Wingz

Comedy Carpet

Celebrating personal identity, expression, and community, the Blackpool-based collective House of Wingz is set to captivate audiences with a new performance on the iconic Comedy Carpet. Galvanised by the provocative culture of hip-hop, fused with house music and a Vogue house mentality, this dynamic company promises to raise your vibration through dance, music, and human connection.

Drawing inspiration from the countercultural phenomenon of Ballroom, House of Wingz embraces the necessity of community and safety, defying oppression through their art. Their name, abbreviated as "HOW," represents the chosen families of artists and performers who "walk" at balls, creating alternative realities where they can share their authentic selves without fear of judgment.

The collective's emblem, "Wingz," symbolises the elevation of spirit one can discover by engaging in arts and street culture, empowering individuals to rise above personal difficulties. With an ethos of "Our House is your House," House of Wingz welcomes everyone to immerse themselves in their uplifting and exciting movement, offering diverse creative projects for young people and adults alike.

Event Details
Genre: Dance
Duration: 120 mins
Price: FREE

6 July 2024


Comedy Carpet

Full: FREE


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