Riverdance – 25th Anniversary Show

Backlot Cinema

Riverdance, the globally acclaimed Irish dance production, celebrates its 25th anniversary with a powerful and stirring reinvention. Originating as an interval performance during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, Riverdance has not only become a worldwide phenomenon but also a symbol of Ireland's rich cultural heritage. It has captivated audiences with its electrifying blend of traditional Irish music, mesmerising choreography, and high-energy performances, showcasing the best of what Ireland has to offer.

This anniversary production offers an intimate and revealing experience, with close-ups of the swift footwork, expressive dancers, and creative camera angles that bring the work closer than ever before. The Grammy Award-winning music, thrilling energy, and passion of the Irish and international dancers are showcased in a way never seen before.

Preceding the show is a brief documentary detailing the history of Riverdance, and the interval features a behind-the-scenes look at this incredible production.

Event Details
Genre: Cinema & Film
Duration: 120 mins
Price: £13.50

30 June 2024


Backlot Cinema

Full: £13.50

Conc: £11


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