When You Don’t Have Words

The Old Electric: Theatre

Experience the power of storytelling through movement at The Old Electric's Power Plays Festival. This immersive workshop, led by Elinor Randle, Artistic Director of Tmesis & Physical Fest, will guide you in developing story ideas using physical devising methods. Explore themes of otherness and identity. Discover how to express emotions and characters without words. Playful and expressive, this workshop unlocks the potential of the body to tell captivating stories. Elinor's extensive experience in physical theatre, including critically acclaimed productions touring nationally and internationally for 18 years, ensures a transformative and enriching experience. Unleash your creativity through the art of movement.
Event Details
Genre: Dance Workshop
Duration: 300 mins
Price: £5

23 June 2024


The Old Electric: Theatre

Full: £5


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