Capital of Dance Taster Sessions

Comedy Carpet

Unleash Your Inner Dancer with Capital of Dance Taster Sessions

Ever felt the urge to dance but didn't know where to begin? Capital of Dance, in partnership with Sadler's Wells, has the perfect solution – a series of 5-minute taster sessions that will introduce you to a world of dance styles, no experience required!

Accessible via the mobile screen on the Comedy Carpet, these bite-sized workshops will whisk you through key moves, giving you a tantalizing flavor of diverse genres. From contemporary to Kathak, you'll have the opportunity to explore and find the style that resonates with you the most.

Designed for all ages and abilities, whether you're flying solo or joining forces with others, simply warm up, stretch, and let the joy of movement take over.

Tasters in

  • Afro Fusion, Ballet, Commercial, Vogue, Breaking, Contemporary, Flamenco, and Kathak.

Embrace the rhythm, discover new passions


240 mins


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Comedy Carpet


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