Silver Swans® with Sarnai

Comedy Carpet

Welcome to the captivating world of dance with Sarnai Byanbadorj, a renowned ballerina whose journey began at the prestigious Perm Ballet School in Russia. After rigorous Vaganova training and a 16-year professional career performing globally, Sarnai found her home in Blackpool, inspiring others through weekly dance classes since 2001.

Highlights of her illustrious career include performing as a soloist at the National Academic Theatre of Opera & Ballet of Mongolia and with Blackpool Pleasure Beach's in-house company, gracing the iconic ECLIPSE Circus Musical. She specialises in senior dance classes, improving mobility, posture, and energy levels.

In association with the Royal Academy of Dance, Sarnai presents a taster Silver Swans Ballet class on the Comedy Carpet, offering a unique opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of dance. Embrace the chance to improve your dance-life balance and discover the transformative power of movement.


60 mins


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Comedy Carpet


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