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HIVEArts: A Creative Haven in the Heart of Blackpool Blackpool, a town renowned for its vibrant culture and artistic spirit, has welcomed a new addition to its thriving creative scene: HIVEArts. This innovative exhibition space is a testament to the town's commitment to fostering artistic expression and providing a platform for creatives of all backgrounds A Vision of Inclusivity and Community At the core of HIVEArts lies a vision of inclusivity and community. Born out of a desire to offer a different approach and an alternative exhibition space, HIVEArts aims to be a hub for all creatives, a second home where artists can feel like part of an extended family. Jon and David, the visionaries behind HIVE Blackpool, recognised the need for a space that celebrates creativity in all its forms, regardless of an artist's financial situation or level of experience. With this in mind, they joined forces to create HIVEArts, a welcoming environment that embraces artists from all walks of life. A Multifaceted Exhibition Space HIVEArts boasts a diverse range of exhibition spaces, catering to the needs of artists at every level. The Wall, affectionately known as the "GuggenHive," on the ground floor of the HIVE building, offers a free exhibition space for creatives of any discipline and skill level. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone has an opportunity to showcase their work. On the first floor, the Alternative Gallery provides a vast expanse of space, making it an ideal venue for larger collectives, university exhibitions, auctions, and events. This versatile space has become a home for artists seeking to showcase their work on a grander scale. A Celebration of Diversity and Talent Over the past couple of years, HIVEArts has cultivated a vibrant community that embraces diversity and celebrates talent. From misfits and rogues to those with formal degrees and those just starting their creative journey, HIVEArts welcomes everyone with open arms.
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