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Showtoppers Dancewear, a premier dancewear retailer in Blackpool, offers a unique and versatile space that could serve as an exceptional fringe venue for the Capital of Dance festival. Two areas within the store stand out as particularly intriguing for potential festival events: Ballroom Section The dedicated ballroom area at Showtoppers is a dream for dance enthusiasts. This section features: - A curated selection of ballroom attire, including dresses, skirts, ties, and shirts suitable for both amateur and professional dancers - A range of accessories and jewellery to complete any ballroom look - A small dance floor where customers can try on outfits and practice their steps - An ideal space for intimate workshops, demonstrations, or talks on ballroom dance styles and fashion ## Backstage Area The "Backstage" section of Showtoppers is a treasure trove of theatrical and dance-related items: - An extensive collection of dance shoes for various styles - Bespoke drag attire and theatrical stagewear - A selection of preloved costumes perfect for aspiring performers - A potential venue for costume exhibitions, fashion shows, or talks on the history and evolution of dance costumes Both areas benefit from Showtoppers' in-house costume maker and designer, Peter Hewitt, whose expertise could be leveraged for special events or demonstrations during the festival. With its central location in Blackpool, now recognised as the UK's Capital of Dance, Showtoppers Dancewear is well-positioned to contribute to the festival's fringe activities. The store's operating hours (Tuesday through Saturday) offer flexibility for scheduling events. At the same time, its deep connections within the local dance community make it an ideal hub for fostering engagement and celebrating dance culture. Opening Hours Tuesday 10 am till 2 pm Wednesday 10 am till 4.30 Thursday 10 am till 2 pm Friday 10 am till 4.30 pm. Saturday 9.30 am till 2.30 pm
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