Showtown: Sir Ken Dodd Learning Space


Capacity 50

Sir Ken Dodd Learning Space is a versatile classroom space within Showtime. Showtown is Blackpool's brand new all-singing, all-dancing museum, and you'll find it right in the heart of the Golden Mile, next door but one to Blackpool Tower! Located right in the heart of Blackpool, the museum offers an immersive journey that truly encapsulates the essence of this remarkable town, providing visitors with a fresh perspective. Delve into the vibrant world of the entertainers who have played a pivotal role in shaping Blackpool's identity—from comedians and dancers to acrobats and larger-than-life personalities who have transformed this coastal destination into a hub of showbiz. The Space is possible due to a donation from the Sir Ken Dodd Foundation, which has supported the creation of a dedicated learning space at Showtown. This space enables children from across Blackpool to better understand the town’s founding role in the entertainment industry.
Note: Entrance is on the corner of Adelaide Street West and Bank Hey Street
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