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St John's Square: A Vibrant Hub for Events in Blackpool St John's Square, located in the heart of Blackpool's town centre, is a unique public space that seamlessly blends historic charm with modern vibrancy. Its cobblestone-paved pedestrian area, surrounded by cafes with inviting outdoor seating, creates a picturesque setting for a diverse range of events and entertainment throughout the year. A Cosmopolitan Oasis St John's Square is a cosmopolitan oasis adorned with tree-lined pathways and the stunning 'Wave' sculpture. This sculpture, a shining double S-shaped form resembling a large wave with a blue semi-transparent female figure diving downwards, is a testament to the square's diverse cultural influences. At night, the illuminated cut-out shapes on the sculpture's faces create a mesmerising spectacle, further enhancing the cosmopolitan ambience. Surrounding the sculpture are nine blue resin boulders that serve as an invite A Celebration of British Subculture St John's Square is a vibrant hub where British subculture is on full display, with public art installations captivating visitors and inviting them to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of local history and culture. The square offers a unique opportunity to explore the surrounding community, indulge in shopping experiences for the whole family, and soak up the sunshine while people-watching.[6] A Versatile Event Venue The square's versatility makes it an ideal venue for various events, from cultural festivals and live music performances to artisan markets and community gatherings. Its central location, surrounded by historic buildings, shops, restaurants, and public art installations, creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that enhances any event.[3][4] Pedestrianisation for Enhanced Experience To further enhance the visitor experience, Blackpool Council and BlackpoolBID are consulting on plans to fully pedestrianise St John's Square during the daytime. This
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