The Old Electric: Theatre


Capacity 200

The Old Electric is Blackpool's newest community arts space, located just a stone's throw from the town's iconic promenade. It provides a unique location for creativity, offering a diverse range of shows, activities, and opportunities for learning, development, and growth. The primary purpose of The Old Electric is to ensure that arts and creativity are accessible to all communities in Blackpool. Theatre Space One of the standout features of The Old Electric is its theatre space, located on the second floor. This space boasts an amphitheatre-style seating arrangement, which is a unique offering in the town. With a capacity of 200 seats, the theatre space is an ideal venue for performances, dance classes, rehearsals, and various other events. The amphitheatre design creates an immersive and intimate atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and shared experience among the audience. The theatre space at The Old Electric is a dynamic and versatile environment, catering to a wide range of artistic expressions and creative endeavors. Whether it's hosting live performances, workshops, or community gatherings, this space serves as a vibrant hub for nurturing and celebrating the arts scene in Blackpool. Its adaptability inspires and encourages artists and enthusiasts alike to explore and push the boundaries of their creativity.
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Springfield Rd, Blackpool FY1 1QW



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Telephone: 01253 834 175



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