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Capacity 2812

Here is the article rewritten to be a maximum of 2000 characters: The Blackpool Opera House: A Grand Stage for Captivating Dance Spectacles As the Capital of Dance Festival approaches, the Blackpool Opera House emerges as the premier venue for large-scale dance productions. This iconic venue boasts a magnificent auditorium with one of the world's most expansive proscenium arches, offering a grand stage and cutting-edge facilities to elevate your event. A Breathtaking Stage and Auditorium The Opera House's stage is a genuine canvas for grandeur, with a proscenium arch measuring 13,716mm wide and 9,140mm high. The versatile stage features a 1/36 rake and an orchestra pit, accommodating various dance productions. The auditorium's traditional seating layout across three levels ensures every guest has an unobstructed view has a capacity of 2812 State-of-the-Art Audio and Visual Technology Boasting one of the largest digital cinema screens in the northwest and a state-of-the-art surround sound system, the Opera House brings performances to life with vivid clarity. Every movement and nuance is captured with stunning precision, creating an immersive experience for your audience. Comprehensive Facilities for Performers With 17 dressing rooms used as a standalone venue, the Opera House provides a professional and relaxed environment for your dancers and artists to prepare for their performances, ensuring they can deliver their best on the grand stage. A Legacy of Grandeur and Sophistication Steeped in history and grandeur, the Blackpool Opera House has long been a beacon of cultural excellence. Hosting your dance production there'll add your event to a rich tapestry of performances, creating a lasting legacy and unforgettable memories.
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